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Based in Sydney Australia, Serhan Swift is a formidable band of loudspeaker designers with 100 years of combined experience, and one simple focus: build loudspeakers that reproduce music in such a way that it transcends the unachievable: “realism”, “belief”, “put the band in the room”, "transport me there" - the holy grail.


Serhan Swift core values


  • Systems approach to design – perfect synergy

  • Reliability – Consistent Performance – Longevity

  • Value "the price is not the cost (of ownership)" – Secure investment

  • Anti-obsolescence – Invisible technology – ease of use and installation

  • Subtle, understated appearance

Design Philosophy.


  • Sonically disappear with no cabinet signature (cabinet should not contribute to acoustic output)

  • Be accurate and believable - communicate every nuance of the performers' intent to the listener

  • Be involving, induce foot tapping by correct timing

  • Allow the listener to hear deep into a recording layer by layer, without artificially highlighting any individual aspects

  • Bass that is articulate and "fast", allowing complex passages to be followed, rather than artificially boosted to the point that it is boomy and "bloated", causing the notes to "blur" together

  • Must not hype treble searching for false detail

  • Total lack of listener fatigue

  • “You gotta wanna listen..."

  • A sense of scale, size and space ("imaging" and "soundstage") representative of the musical performance and that belies the speaker's size

  • Off-axis "power response" and room interaction, from near field to far (reverberant) field have all been carefully considered for ease of placement ("room friendly") and a less critical listener position ("sounds good everywhere")

  • Easy to drive - good efficiency, generous power handling and a benign impedance curve (which determines the electrical demands placed on the amplifier) for compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers - solid state, tube, high or low power.

- What's in a name?


The Greek letter mu (which looks like a "u", but pronounced "mew") is used in science and engineering to mean "micro" or one millionth. Here it signifies a speaker that is deceptively small in size, considering its big sound and performance. But it has come to mean more - an approach to design that considers every detail, even the microscopic. We pay particular attention to how energy is dissipated, and keeping vibration to an absolute minimum, as not only do these result in extraneous sound output, but the effect on the various components, including those in the crossover network, causes distortion. Our discoveries are applied to cabinet materials and construction, and the use of mechanical isolators for mounting drivers and crossover components. We have come to refer to this discipline as "micro vibration engineering" or "muve" (pronounced "move" - dare we say "sound that moves you"?)

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