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Bristol HiFi Show UK 2020 - HiFi Pig


A comment we made about this Bristol Show was that the music choices were much more relevant, with plenty of new discoveries to be had….I didn’t hear’ Keith don’t go’ or ‘Take Five’ once, which must be a record!


After treating us to the Bee Gees in Warsaw, Andy of Mian Distribution introduced us to Dutch band Haeven with their stunning ‘Back in the water’ album on 180g vinyl, sounded wonderful.

The system was the Leema Tucana II Anniversary Amplifier, a Pear Audio Blu Little John turntable, with Pear Cornet 1 tonearm and Goldring cart, in a sublimely racy Lambo paint finish. The Leema Essential Phono stage completed the vinyl set up with the Leema Sirius 2TB on digital duties.


The Serhan & Swift Mu2 speakers were stunning, such a huge sound from these little guys! Solidsteel SS-6 stands supported the speakers and the rack was a gorgeous Solidsteel Hyperspike HW-L in a Flat Black finish.

No tricks, just good engineering, fab room, nice to see Shadwell the sheep keeping things in order.

If you have any questions or suggestions for discussion, by all means drop us a line below. We would love to hear from you.

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